Thank You To Everyone Who Attended The 2022 PMHC.
This year’s PMHC was our 10th and final cup, and would like to say thank you for the continued years of support that helped to make the cup happen.
A special thank-you to our volunteers, sponsors, vendors, artists and guest speakers for your contributions to the Cannabis community.
Peace and pot.
2022 PMHC Entries & Winners

Indica (Pure):

A – Death Kush (Private Medical Grower)
B – Rock Star (Private Medical Grower) – 2nd Place Winner
C – Death Bubba (Private Medical Grower)
D – Lindsay OG (Private Medical Grower) – 3rd Place Winner
E – Flo (TerpFire) – 1st Place Winner
F – Blueberry Crumble (Franklin Fuego)

Sativa (Dominant):

A – Hawaiian (Private Medical Grower)
B – Grape Slurricane (Private Medical Grower) – 2nd Place Winner
C – Bluenana (Happy Dabber – Dave Elder) – 3rd Place Winner
D – Gravy [Strawberry Sour D x White OG CROSS] (TerpFire) – 1st Place Winner
E – Orange Dream (Franklin Fuego)
F – Hazy Dream (Haze Bro’s)


A – Oreo Skittles (Private Medical Grower) – 3rd Place Winner
B – Ice Cream Cookies (Private Medical Grower) – 2nd Place Winner
C – Space Cookies (Private Medical Grower)
D – Monster Skunk (Preston Bjornson) – 1st Place Winner
E – Chemo Cheese (Happy Dabber – Dave Elder)
F – Oreoz (SKgrower)


A – Papaya (Private Medical Grower/Extractor) – 2nd Place Winner
B – Gastown Diamonds (Private Medical Grower/Extractor) – 1st Place Winner
C – Pink Kush (Chives) – 3rd Place Winner


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