PMHC 2015 Cup Winners


1st Place - Turpene Kiss - Richard (A)

2nd Place - Lindsay OG - Travis (B)

3rd Place - Lindsay OG Kush - Chad Jackett (E)

Other entries:

The Kracker - Jeff @ Natty Roots (C)

OG Deadhead - Help Sask Grow (D)

Blueberry - Three Happy Cats (F)


1st Place - Alien Skunk - Jeff @ Natty Roots (A)

2nd Place - Headband - Remo (D)

3rd Place - Dark Angel - Rocky (F)

Other Entries:

Chemo - Private Grower (B)

Purple God - Private Grower (C)

Papaya - Help Sask Grow (E)


1st Place - Grape Haze - B & B Hydro (A)

2nd Place - Congolese - Remo (B)

3rd Place - Pineapple Chunk - Help Sask Grow (D)

Other Entries:

Super Lemon Haze - Private Grower (C)

Chocolope - Rocky (E)

Sugar Jack - Three Happy Cats (F)


S=Solvent SL=Solventless 

1st Place - UBC Chemo - Chives (A) (S)

2nd Place - Burmese - The Beard Brothers (B) (S)

3rd Place - OG Headband - Kind Selections (C) (S)

Other Entries:

Zed - Shatterbeard (D) (S)

Moroccan - Private Grower (A) (SL)

Watermelon X Full Melt Hogs Breath (B) (SL)